UK Ancestry Visa
You can live freely in the UK for up to four years on this visa provided that you are from a Commonwealth Nation and you have either a parent or grandparent born in the UK, The Channel Islands or The Isle of Man, or if you have a grandparent who was born in what is now the Republic of Ireland before 31 March 1922. This visa is also renewable.

Working Holiday Maker Scheme
This scheme is an arrangement where a person aged between 17 and 30 can come to the UK for an extended holiday of up to two years. You can work for up to 12 months of your holiday, and the holiday should be the main reason for your stay, not the work.

Work Permit
Allows you to work with one specific employer or school and means that you cannot work for any other employer whilst under this permit. As an agency we will help you to organise this by providing assistance with filling out the forms and liaising with the school who are offering the sponsorship.

Highly Skilled Worker
The highly skilled worker category is designed to allow highly skilled people to come to the United Kingdom to look for work or self- employment opportunities. Who can apply as a highly skilled worker? Unlike sponsored skilled workers (who are covered by tier 2 of the points-based system), you do not need a job offer to apply under the highly skilled worker category. When you apply, you are awarded points based on your qualifications, previous earnings, United Kingdom experience, age, English language skills and available maintenance (money).

You can apply under the highly skilled worker category now if you are:

  • already in the United Kingdom with permission to stay (known as 'leave to remain') in an immigration category that allows you to switch into the highly skilled worker category;
  • already in the United Kingdom as a highly skilled worker and you want to extend your permission to stay within your existing category;
  • already in the United Kingdom under the Highly Skilled Migrant Program (HSMP), you want to extend your permission to stay and you are eligible to switch into the highly skilled worker category;
  • or outside the United Kingdom and you are eligible to apply for permission to enter (known as 'entry clearance') underthe highly skilled worker category.

Workers Accession card
If you are from one of the European Union Member, or 'accession', states you may need to register with the Home Office under the Worker Registration Scheme within one month of starting a job. The countries affected are: Lithuania, Estonia, Slovenia, Latvia, Slovakia, Hungary, The Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Poland, and Romania.


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